Baywood Trainers

Baywood Equestrian Center offers a variety of training programs for all levels of riders. For information about individual trainers visit their program page. 




Pam has over 35 years experience training horses & riders thru the Grand Prix Levels. Her training techniques are based on modern operant conditioning: empowering the horse & rider to learn through positive training and reinforcement.

Golden Gate Equestrian

Dressage trainer Heather Pollard and Hunter / Jumper trainer Andres Monroy combine their experience and skill set to offer a comprehensive athletic cross-training program.

Helle Eriksen Lessons

Helle Eriksen is admired in the industry for her breadth of knowledge and supportive teaching approach. Her emphasis is on equitation as well as all aspects ofhorsemanship.   


Fairytale Friesians

Fairytale Fresians specializes in the importation and sales of exquisite Friesian horses. Sales, Leases, and Sponsorships are available.